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Take Note Of Society Writers Part 2

Posted by Scott On September 4th


In Part 1 of this Blog I talked about the important role Society Writers play in the success of a fundraising event.  You learned how far in advance the writer and his or her editor should be notified of the upcoming event, where to seat the writer upon arrival, what information should be shared between the Event Chair and writer upon the conclusion of the event, and what the deadline should be to get the figure of total amount raised to the writer.


I also mentioned briefly what information should be handed to the writer the day or night of the event.  In this Blog, we are going to explore in more detail what information that package should contain.


To quickly review, even though the writer may have covered your event in previous years and is familiar with the charity – and even if the writer was sent or given a pre-event press kit or initial program – make sure a complete package of information is presented to the writer upon arrival. Be sure to have it ready the minute the doors open.  Society Writers are usually one of the first to arrive.


As for the package itself it should contain the 5 W’s with a heavy emphasis on “Why” the money is needed and how it will be utilized.


All information regarding the event should be in a written format to make things easier for the writer and to avoid any miscommunication which often occurs in the noisy environment of the gala.


Other items the writer needs upon arrival is the list of the silent auction items, the list of the live auction items, and the list of the individuals who played a key role in the event planning and execution.


And don’t forget to include the information about the entertainment.  If the entertainment is from out of town be sure to mention the city they consider their home base.


I realize that the amount of information that will be included in these packages for Society Writers may differ from city to city and on the type of fundraising event that is being held. That’s why I’ve created a general check list of what items should be included along with a timeline for implementation.


I’m more than happy to share that information with Event Chairs or other charity or benefit representatives planning an upcoming fundraising event. Just give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to touch base with some of the Society Writers I know.  It’s never too early to inform them what’s on my calendar starting this Fall.


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