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An In“Vest”ed Interest

Posted by Scott On November 26th

I’ve often said, when it comes to live auctions, you never know what is going to take place. One must stay on his toes.  One must be willing to act and react quickly no matter the circumstance that arises. In one such case, I had to give the shirt off my back

Well, it wasn’t my shirt, but another article of clothing that I hold very dear to my heart – one of my signature, colorful vests. My trademark

The incident occurred recently during a fund-a-mission for a private school looking to raise money for financial aid for students. The event was going along as planned when suddenly a voice in the crowd yelled out, “I’ll donate $5,000 to the school in exchange for your vest.”  Without hesitation I unbuttoned my jacket – and then the vest – and handed it over to the gentleman who made the generous offer

As I started to walk away the same gentleman asked, “What about the matching bow tie?”  Turning back towards him I replied, “That wasn’t part of the deal” – which made the guests in the room laugh as they waited for a response

“Alright,” the vest-holding donor said, “I’ll donate $2,500 more for the bow tie.” Which, of course, I promptly removed and handed to him much to the crowd’s delight

That night an extra $7,500 was raised for a great cause.  One of the guests went home with a vest and a tie.  And I went home with my suitcase just a little bit lighter.

I’m just glad he didn’t ask me for my shoes.




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