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Bands at a fundraising auction

Posted by Scott On September 27th

In a recent blog we talked about the importance of handling a microphone correctly.  We also did a blog on sound systems and the importance of assuring that everyone in the room – no matter where they are seated – can hear the auctioneer or speaker clearly and at a perfect volume level.

Now we’ll tackle the issue of the entertainment. To be specific, the band.

This might sound elementary, but be sure to schedule the band for a microphone check. That mic check – and set up – should happen – and be completed – long before any guests begin to arrive.

The last thing you want is to have your attendees approaching the venue or inside the welcoming area conversing with the charity’s staff and honorary guests and hearing BOOM – BOOM – BOOM coming out of the event room as the drummer sets up and adjusts microphones.  It’s not only distracting – it gives the illusion of unpreparedness.

In my 20 years experience, plan on the band’s set up and mic check lasting at least 60 to 90 minutes.

And finally, if you’ve hired an auctioneer for your event, be sure his or her mic check occurs before the bands. Your auctioneer should be relaxed and focused on the mission of raising money.  Not rushing around at the last minute wondering when the band’s pre-event reign is going to end.


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