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Beware of the Board

Posted by Scott On May 8th


For this Blog I may be a little blunt, but since it deals with the subject of Advisory Boards I feel it needs to be.

Let me start by saying I have respect for Board Members and feel they play an important role in setting standard policies for charities and other organizations. Having served on numerous boards over the years, I fully understand the responsibility that’s entrusted to this position.

However, with that said, if you’ve been selected as an Event Chair and have to get approval for every decision you’ll need to make regarding a fundraising event – RUN, DON’T WALK – away from the event.

The Board may be well-meaning but sometimes they can’t get out of their own way. They are often more concerned about potential waste of funds and not raising money. They also have a tendency of trying to dictate policy despite the fact they severely lack fundraising knowledge – a “Father Knows Best” mentality.

Before you accept the position as Event Chair here is the one question that needs to be answered.

*Do I have the ability to make decisions or do all   decisions need to be approved by the Board?decisions

There are several great reasons I feel so strongly about this!

To begin with, if an Event Chair must get every decision approved by a Board a great deal of time is wasted. And there is no bigger “motivation killer” and “momentum killer” than wasting time.

It’s also extremely disheartening for – not only the Event Chair – but also for all the volunteers who are dedicating their time for the fundraiser.

Simply stated, Chairs need total authority and should never be second guessed throughout the entire event-planning process.  It’s total control or let the Board find someone else.

To make matters even worse, often times these same board members do not attend the function, and if they do, do not feel it is their responsibility to actively participate in the fundraising. They prefer to “sit on high and dictate” and after the fundraising event decide where and how to spend the profits.

There is an old adage when it comes to board participation in fundraising known as the three G’s. Give, Get or Get Off the board.

We all also know the adage, “Too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the broth.”  As it relates to fundraising events – I couldn’t agree more.

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