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A few months ago I wrote a 2-part Blog on the subject of meetings. For those who might have missed it, here’s a quick review.

1)   Keep meetings short

2)   Only essential attendees should be present

3)   Stick to the topic

4)   Be sure something was accomplished

In this Blog, I’d like to expand on that theme by asking the question, “What fundraising auction committee meeting is the most important?”

A)  The first meeting with all committee members

B)  The meeting 3 months prior to the event

C)  The last meeting prior to the event

D)  No meeting is more important than the other

Well, to be honest with you, none of those answers are the correct answer.  That’s because the most important meeting is the “debriefing” meeting that takes place after an event. The debriefing meeting should be held the week following the event and no later than two weeks.

Scottt with Mic

Let me explain why!

To begin with, the memories of the just concluded event will be fresh on everybody’s mind. It’s also much easier to review every aspect of the event – from start to finish – and determine what went flawlessly and what might – if anything – needs to be slightly adjusted.

But, here’s the main reason the debriefing meeting is the most important – the fundraising auction committee for the next year’s event – especially the Chairs – absolutely must be present.

The information discussed at the debriefing meeting is a valuable resource for those who will be in charge of the next event. Their presence will reduce their stress level immensely.  It will also reduce their workload during the coming year.

It’s human nature to put the debriefing meeting off – or not have one at all. After all, the committee Chairs and committee worked so hard on the event they want to take a break and not think about it. These same individuals, along with the staff and volunteers, feel they need to get back to their lives, work and families, who they feel have been neglected in the weeks preceding the event.

So be sure to schedule a debriefing meeting within two weeks of the event.  And be sure the Chairs for the next event are present for the meeting.

It’s never too early to start planning.  And the initial planning should begin with a review.

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