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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Posted by Scott On December 4th

Many times organizations have low expectations when it comes to the amount of money they might raise during their event. I have a pretty good theory why they think that way – fear of failure.

Event Chairs and his or her committee members feel if they set a high goal and don’t reach it they will be perceived as failures and the event will be perceived as a failure.  And as we all know, nobody wants to fail.

So what do they do?  Well, they usually stick with the status quo, repeat the past event, and pray and hope that they can match that which was raised the previous year – or at least get close to it.

This negative – or at minimum – neutral thinking doesn’t do the organization or its money-raising efforts justice. I say, “Reach High! Don’t Sell Yourself Short!”

In January of this year I wrote a Blog that focused on the fact 2013 was a record-setting year for me.  In all, I helped raised more than $22 million for charities all across the country.


Did I sit back and say, hey Scott, let’s see if you can tie that amount in 2014?  Heck no!  My goal was to exceed it and I’ve already accomplished that back in May. Organizations need to think the same way.

The hiring of a Professional Benefit Auctioneer is one way charities can reach higher when it comes to the amount of money they could raise. Yes that comes with a price tag. But my experience shows it’s worth it. As an example, every time I’ve been hired to host an event for the first time the organization set a new record.  No brag. Just fact.

After an event, I love it when the organizers say to me, “We never knew the room had that kind of potential.”  And I say, “The room always had that kind of potential.  It’s just a matter of extracting it.”

Everybody wants their event to grow. That might not happen in the number of attendees, but it can grow with the quality of attendees. And quality attendees translate into more dollars generated.

So here are four suggestions.

  • Figure out how to get the right people and charitable new individuals to the event.
  • Figure out how to get your current supporters to open their pocketbooks a little wider.
  • Engage the board of directors to be the leaders of giving and not merely attendees. Board members must lead by example if they expect others to give.
  • Secure items the attendees will want to purchase with competitive bidding.


This will occur by exuding quality, not only of the event and venue or the items to be auctioned off, but in the cause itself. Donors want to know their money is not only needed, but will be invested wisely.

Everybody can dream of reaching a new level and raising more money – but it’s the planning that will get them there.  Those that don’t plan or try to reach higher usually revert back to their “little cocoon of comfort” located in Status QuoVille.

Stay out of that town if you want to grow. You must remember, the more your event grows the more your organization can help the cause.

With a little positive thinking – a lot of planning – an abundance of quality – and maybe even a Professional Benefit Auctioneer to pull it all together – you’ll discover reaching higher wasn’t so much of a reach after all.


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