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Expectations of the Front Man

Posted by Scott On January 16th


expectations of a frontman-fundraising auctioneer

I often refer to a professional benefit auctioneer as the “front man” of an event.  Sure, I am the host and chief money-raiser, both rolls by the way which I cherish tremendously.  But, I’m also so much more.

In fact, I often think of myself as an on-course official at a professional golf event whose sole job it is to monitor a player’s or group’s “pace of play!” Those officials are out there to assure the daily schedule is adhered to and that everything runs on time, as smoothly as possible, without feeling rushed.

I do the same as a professional benefit auctioneer. But, rather than constantly watching a timepiece – I trust my inner clock – my instincts – to keep the event moving along at the pace the guests expect.

Let me state emphatically – Pace is Crucial. Here’s why!

When attendees pay large money to participate in an event – they have the expectation the event will flow along in a smooth and effortless manner. One must remember, these VIPs are often heads of corporations, major local business owners and other “movers and shakers” within the community. Their businesses are well-oiled machines.  And they expect the fundraising event to be the same.

So please remember, the minute your attendees walk through your gate – whether it be a door or an opening to a fashionable tent – their time is valuable.  So keep your event paced from start to finish.

Now, here’s another piece of advice. At the beginning of this Blog I said I was the “front man” of an event. If you’ll notice, I never used the word “Star” and never have used the word “Star” to describe my role.

In fact, I am not the star of any event I host.  That title goes to your attendees – and they should be treated as such from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart.

The bottom line:  Your event should flow along in a smooth and effortless manner. Anything else makes your guests uncomfortable and they can easily start to wonder – “If the event is disorganized and has minutes of hesitation and large gaps of indecision – how is the organization or charity we are supporting run.”

And treat your VIPs like – well – VIPs. By doing both, your financial goals will not only “stay on pace” with your expectations – but exceed them.




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