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Feed your volunteers!

Posted by Scott On December 5th

Feed your volunteers—


Volunteers at a fundraising event are critical for success. They help with many tasks including decorating, greeting guests, check-in/check-out, etc. that allows the event run smoothly. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any winning fundraising team. Treat them well, respect their time, and remember to feed them!  A hungry volunteer is never an efficient volunteer.

Often time’s volunteers are requested to arrive at the fundraising event hours before the event begins.  They help with set-up, finishing touches, and organization for the upcoming gala later that night.  More often than not volunteers don’t have the luxury of going home so they end up not eating before the arrival of the guests.


So you ask, how do you solve this problem?  It is simple!  Have a volunteer room/area  where volunteers can go rest, sit down, relax, mingle with other volunteers and grab some food. For instance, if the volunteer task is check in/check out they have no responsibility during dinner. This is a perfect time for them to make their way to the volunteer break room.


A happy volunteer will be a great ambassador for your organization, a hungry volunteer………………………… is another matter.

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