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Friday Night “De” Lights

Posted by Scott On May 24th

If you are going to conduct a fundraising event on a Friday night I have three words for you. THINK HAPPY HOUR.

Unlike any other day of the week, Fridays lend themselves to be an automatic fun fest. The work week is done.  Everyone is in a positive, party-frame of mind.  People tend to have more energy than a Saturday night.  They are looking for an easy place to escape and reward themselves for their hard work.

Some may pop by their house to change.  Others may come as they are.  Either way, have a cold drink ready for them the minute they walk through the door.

Make sure your doors are open by 5:30.  And be sure to wrap it up by 8:30 or 9.

Although some may need to run home to relieve the babysitter, others will be in the mood to continue the festivities. Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

Prior to your event check out the local establishments within walking distance of your venue.  Approach the owner, explain your event, and ask if they’d like to host the post-party.  What owner wouldn’t welcome a throng of new patrons just willing to spend more dollars?

If they agree to “host-the-post”, don’t be afraid to hit them up for a donation item to be auctioned off at your event.  This mutual business agreement could be the start of a long business relationship.

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