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Give Thanks to Those who Give

Posted by Scott On May 17th


I cannot think of two words – placed back-to-back – that have more positive impact than Thank You.  They are heard on a daily basis and in all kinds of settings.

Just the other day I held the door open at a convenience store as a lady was walking in.  She gave me a warm “Thank You.” Even the cashier at my favorite supermarket thanked me for stopping by.  Simply stated – a thank you means a lot.

As a professional benefit auctioneer, I thank each winning bidder as I close down one item and head to the next. But the Auction Chair, CEO and other key people within the organization should stand in the corridor that leads out of the building to personally shake hands and thank the people for attending and their generous bidding.

Now, how about a surprise thank you?  Have your parking valets place chilled bottles of water in the cars for your guests to enjoy on their way home. Chocolates are also a nice thought, but only if the temperature assures the tasty treats won’t melt.

And don’t forget to thank the businesses which donated items for your auction.  During the event encourage your guests to patronize these businesses and say thank you – and make sure they mention they say the item at the auction.  Not only is it the right thing to do – it will also help the following year when you return to that business and ask them once again to donate an item.

As for Thank You notes – well – they too are crucial when it comes to showing your appreciation.  I’ll tackle that subject in a future Blog.  But, if you need to know now call or email me.  I’d be happy to pass on a few tips.

I’ll conclude for now by simply stating:  “Thank You can never be said too much.”  So, to all of you, Thank You.  Your enthusiasm encourages me to work harder every day.

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