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How to Maximize the Results of Your Volunteers….

Posted by Scott On December 7th

How to get volunteers to do the job you want them to do?  It is very simple; COMMUNICATION!  Provide them with their job description(s) the location of their station(s) and the timeline for the event.  Make sure the job descriptions are not wordy or lengthy, but they should be able to communicate exactly what you want them to do.  When you want them to do, and where things are positioned.  Auction Chairman often times does not think to write out the job description as they ASSUME that the volunteers understand their exact role. However this is often not the case.  Writing job descriptions prior to the event is time well spent. The night of the auction can be chaotic enough without the additional task of explaining to the volunteers their role for the evening. In other words less stress…

The biggest complaint you get from volunteers is that they—DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO or WHEN TO DO IT!  From there, they may get reprimanded from a member of the committee, which is never fun.  In almost 20 years of experience as a fundraising auctioneer the biggest complaint I hear from volunteers is they simply were given no direction.  Remember to be kind to your volunteers, communicate your expectations, and they will happily play a significant role on your fundraising team.

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