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Keeping FUN in your FUNdraising Event

Posted by Scott On April 11th

Wine Fest 2010 222

One doesn’t often associate a benefit auction with a statistical equation, but I actually have one for you.  What percent of the guests who attend a benefit auction come for the fun?  Well the answer is high.  Very high.  92 percent to be exact.

There is no doubt your guests would not be there if they did not support your cause or want to donate generously.  But, research has shown they give more when they are surrounded by a fun environment.

This can be accomplished partially by creating a fun theme and then decorating the venue to coincide with the theme. Themes can be crucial to your success and can change as fast as Clark Kent in a telephone booth.

I have a long list of current theme ideas.  The list is too long to mention in a blog, but contact me and I’d be happy to share some ideas with you.

Scottt with MicYour emcee or host is also crucial.  He or she must set the pace for the evening and keep the audience engaged and entertained.

And don’t forget to step up your “Fun Meter” every year.  Benefit auctions with the same basic theme year after year soon fail to raise the excitement level of attendees and that translates into falling donations.  Think fun and think fresh.

So, keep the fun in your FUNdraising FUNction.  It’s great for your bottom line. And 92 percent of your guests are there because of it.

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