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Posted by Scott On June 28th

We live in a digital age – and there is plenty of opportunity during a fundraiser to use it to your advantage.  I’m speaking specifically about digital video presentations.  They can be so effective during an event – especially if it’s a Fund-A-Need benefit.

During some point of a Fund-A-Need event, the chairperson or other VIP will address the guests – tell them about the organization or cause – go into details about why the money is needed – and who will directly benefit from their generosity. Sometimes these speeches can run on for 10 minutes or more.  That’s a real momentum killer.

I totally understand how it can happen.  The speaker is very passionate about the cause and wants to cover every detail.  To avoid this “time consuming trap” I recommend creating a video presentation instead of having a live speaker. The main reason:  Control.

The talent can be the same.  By that I mean whoever you had planned to address the audience live during the event can be in front of the camera and deliver his or her message via a video segment.  In this controlled environment any mistakes can be edited out.

I personally prefer to use the Voice-Over method. This is where you hear the talent’s voice and see the corresponding video.  The message should be focused on the “why” of the campaign.  Remember, strong video images are often more powerful than words.





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