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Monday’s Can be the Next Saturday

Posted by Scott On June 8th

I know what you’re thinking.  A benefit auction on a Monday?  You must be crazy!  But, the fact of the matter is – depending on your target audience or guest list – Mondays can be an excellent day for a benefit.

If your event is targeting the general working class, I wouldn’t recommend a Monday.  However, the first day of the work week works extremely well with retirees and even those in the hospitality industry since the majority of them work weekends and have Mondays off.

But, start earlier than normal.  Kick off your event at 5:30 rather than 6 and conclude the event by 9:30.

Here’s the main reason why Mondays can be effective.  No Competition. And, no competition means you’ll have a wider selection of venues and probably get a much better deal from caterers and those providing the entertainment since they are seldom busy at the start of the week.

Getting a lower price on the location, food and entertainment means the organization can upgrade its event and that equates to raising more money.  And remember, a “Stand Alone” event has a better chance of garnering more broadcast and print media coverage.

So think like the Mommas and the Poppas, “Monday.  Monday.  So good to me.”  It could be for your bottom line as well.

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