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Never Use this Word

Posted by Scott On March 6th

NEVER EVER Use This Word

There has been a great deal of attention lately to words being said on live television – that got past the 8-second delay system and the censors – that should have never been heard by the public.

The latest incident occurred during the live Academy Awards broadcast when Frenchman Jean Dujardin, who had just won the Oscar for Best Leading Actor for The Artist, said a word in his native language which made headlines for days after.

When it comes to benefit auctions, there is also one word that should NEVER EVER be used.  And it’s probably not what you think.

The word I’m talking about is “Economy.”  NEVER EVER use the word economy.  NEVER EVER mention the economy.   And NEVER EVER print the word economy on programs or other printed materials.

I’ve been a professional benefit auctioneer for almost 20 years several economic cycles. If there is one thing I learned it’s this; “Generous bidding at auctions is all about confidence.”  That includes confidence in the mission, confidence in the organization’s leadership and confidence in the economy.

It doesn’t matter if the economy is going up, staying flat or heading downhill faster than an extreme skier.  Those who have done well financially did not arrive there by accident.  They foresaw the future and responded accordingly. And they already know exactly what the economy is doing – and where it is predicted to go.


You should also keep in mind your attendees – and potential donors – are at your event to have a good time.  They want to forget about business for at least a couple of hours and simply have fun – all while helping out a very worthy cause.


So avoid the word “economy” no matter what direction it is heading. By doing so, your bottom line will surely improve.  And you’ll be rewarded with a soaring G.D.P.  Great. Donor. Participation.

2 Responses

  1. Gary Corbett Says:


    I couldn’t have said it better and couldn’t agree more.


    Posted on March 10th, 2012 at 5:41 pm

  2. Darron Meares Says:


    Good point! Whenever I HAVE to use that word I call it the ‘e’ word no one wants to mention. At some fundraisers, the economy is paramount to the plight of those the NPO serves… so I do bring it into the Fund-A-Mission very gingerly.

    Talk soon,

    Posted on March 12th, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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