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Paws for the Cause

Posted by Scott On December 5th

It’s a wide known fact in the advertising world kids and dogs help sell products.  Currently there is a major campaign that depicts toddlers touting the benefits of E-Trade.  And who can forget Spuds Mackenzie, the spokesman or should I say “spokes-dog”, for Budweiser.  The bottom line is kids and dogs are cute, they grab attention and evoke emotions.

Although the majority of the items I help sell at a benefit auction can’t jump into a guest’s lap, it’s not unusual for me to auction off cute, cuddly, gives lots-of-kisses puppies. They are a crowd pleaser every time.

I have a list of 8 helpful hints regarding a puppy at an auction.  Here are 4 of them:

  • Pair up a team of pretty young ladies to show the puppy to attendees.  Dogs of any size can get heavy after a while and sharing the carrying will make it easier on all involved.
  • Allow the dog to take frequent breaks.  I recommend 20 minutes   in the room and 10 minutes outside.
  • Puppies are sleepy creatures.  To assure you can show the canine in action play a pre-recorded, short video clip of the puppy running around on the grass chasing a multicolored beach ball.
  • Have a kennel, water dish and food and food bowl for the dog’s new owner.  Making it easier for them in their first 24 hours together will create less stress on the puppy and high bidder.

I have 4 other suggestions.  Feel free to contact me for the entire list.

So don’t hesitate to put a puppy in your auction. The “Awe Shucks” can bring in the “Big Bucks.”

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