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Research for Tomorrow

Posted by Scott On April 17th

Throughout the course of history researchers have changed the lives of nearly every person on this planet. From breakthroughs in medicines and health related issues to weather phenomena to undersea exploration. Researchers seek knowledge.  And knowledge advances civilizations for the better.

As a professional benefit auctioneer, I too am a researcher.  I don’t expect to change the world – but through my efforts I do expect to change the lives of the children and adults through the charities for which I help to raise money.

What research do I conduct?  Well, this may surprise you since so very few do it. In fact, the majority of auctioneers, both professional and amateur, never do it and the fundraising effort is short changed because of it.

Before I take center stage for a fundraiser I spend hours upon hours researching the charity and its specific cause. I cannot convey, with sincerity, why the attendees should give generously if I know little about or am not passionate about the charity and its cause.

But, it doesn’t stop there.  I also need to research and understand every item that will be up for bid.  Through years of experience I’ve learned the more I know about an item the more the item will actually sell for at auction.

In short, time is money.  The more time I spend researching the charity, the cause and the items to be auctioned off, the more money the event will raise.  I don’t do this homework the night before.  My research is done weeks to months in advance.

While attending school – to be honest – I wasn’t a big fan of homework.  Today, I not only love it – I look forward to it. That’s because I know my research effects the lives of tens of thousands of children and adults every year. So bring on the homework.  I’ll love my “study haul.”


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