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Say No To Status Quo

Posted by Scott On April 10th


It’s no secret – we humans are creatures of habit.  If something works we tend to stay with it – foregoing change – even if that change could improve the situation. That’s why the two words I least like to hear in the same sentence are well and but.

You’ve probably heard something along this line hundreds of times.  You make a suggestion and the response is, “Well, that’s a great idea, but we’ve always done it this way.”

For some, the status quo is good enough when it comes to how money is raised at a charity auction.  However, in the past few years many organizations are discovering their fundraising efforts have remained flat or are falling short of preset goals.  The economy can be partially to blame for the lack of growth or the shortfall.  But, a more likely culprit is boredom.  Organizations that hold the same event year after year, without taking it to a higher level or adding new exciting elements, is on a path to status quo stagnation. (In no way am I suggesting that all established traditions at event be abandoned, what I am suggesting is to be receptive to new ideas that may just help the flavor of the event).

Professional benefit auctioneers have their pulse on the latest trends, which is crucial to success.  Their years of experience have taught them every event needs to be fun and fresh – which will keep the guests attending – but also willing to reach deeper in their pockets.

Everyone’s goal is to raise as much money as possible for a needy cause.  So, keep an open mind.  The next time a professional fundraising auctioneer offers suggestions on how to make your auction more successful – forego the status quo – and allow new ideas in.

And a response like this could really make a professional benefit auctioneer’s day.  “Well, that’s a great idea.  No buts about it.”

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