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Fundraising Auctioneer

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You know I’ve enjoyed a lot of success in the fundraising auction business and I LOVE setting new records for events. It’s absolutely wonderful. And people often ask “So Scott, how can your percentages of establishing new records be so high?’ Well, it’s about confidence…and really, confidence in three areas.

  1. Confidence in the economy
  2. Confidence in the charity
  3. Confidence in your fundraising auctioneer

You see, the economy gives people the confidence that they can actually spend money. You know it’s not really about the economy. No it’s about my economy…my own personal economy if I’m a bidder. If I’m feeling good about the economy then I have a better opportunity to be generous. But if I’m going to be generous, I want to have confidence that the charity is going to take my hard earned dollars, stretch that dollar every way possible, and invest it so that we get a high rate of return for my hard earned dollars if I’m the donor.

And the third thing is you have to have…confidence in your fundraising auctioneer. You know, the committee, the volunteers, the staff work very diligently for 12 months leading up to the event. Don’t trust this to an amateur. Have someone up there who not only understands fundraising auctions but has confidence in their ability to take it over the finish line.

All 365 days of work culminate into 2 final hours. Have someone that you have confidence in on stage and make sure that they have confidence in themselves. That’s what we do at Scott Robertson Auctioneers and I’m pleased to be your auctioneer.

Struggling with the logistics of an upcoming fundraiser? I want to help. Tell me what’s wrong.


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