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Sharon her Wardrobe

Posted by Scott On March 13th

On occasion I like to divert from my normal blog and reflect upon the crazy things that occurred during a benefit auction.  That’s why the subtitle for this blog – and perhaps lesson – falls under the category, “Expect the Unexpected.”

On two occasions I had the opportunity to share the stage with actress Sharon Stone. She is one tough lady – knows exactly what she wants – and proceeds with a fiery passion. But during a major benefit auction in Fort Myers, Florida a few years back she did something I had never seen before from a Celebrity Co-Auctioneer.

During the course of the auction I received a slip of paper which basically stated an attendee would like to bid on Sharon’s shoes if she’d be willing to put them up.  After a little coaxing she did – and the shoes brought in about $6,000.

Soon after, another slip of paper arrived.  This time the attendees wanted to bid on Sharon’s purse.  She agreed and the purse sold for around $8,000.

Just when I thought Ms. Stone had run out of personal items to auction off a third note arrived – and you guessed it – they were inquiring about the dress she was wearing.  To my surprise Sharon agreed to auction it off and the dress sold for around $12,000.

Immediate following Sharon quipped, “I am going to leave here this evening barefoot and wearing a tablecloth.”

As Sharon’s assistant began the task of finding a replacement dress a fast-thinking guest wrote the words “Sharon Stone” on a white tablecloth and handed it up on stage for her to wear as comic relief.

Well, Sharon didn’t hesitate one bit.  As I held up one end of the tablecloth and a volunteer held the other end – to hide the “I-can’t-believe-what’s-about-to-happen” moment – Sharon took off the dress. She then swung it over the top of the “tablecloth wall” – like a scene from the opening credits from the TV show Petticoat Junction.  Of course, the crowd went wild.

We then wrapped Sharon in the tablecloth and I gave her my jacket to wear and hold everything in place as the dress was presented to the very happy winning bidder.  The auction proceeded with Sharon still on stage – wearing a tablecloth and formal jacket.

Eventually her assistant arrived with a new dress and Sharon departed briefly to make herself “attire whole” once again.

And then guess what happened?  We placed the tablecloth Sharon was wearing up for bid and it brought in close to $10,000.   

This true “Expect the Unexpected” story is one of the most treasured memories I have in my nearly 20 years as a professional benefit auctioneer.  Not only because we raised a record amount of money that night.  But, because I got to hold a tablecloth’s end.



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