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Social Media has revolutionized how we communicate with friends, family, and brands. For decades, the most coveted form of advertising has been word-of-mouth, and now, social media has created a platform where everyone can take part in the conversation. For example, the “Like” button on Facebook has changed how we share information. Every time we “Like” a comment, post, photo, video, or company/organization page, that information is used and perceived in a few ways. If you’re a non-profit, and you can leverage that information, you will be well on your way to being relevant to the next generation of donors.

Facebook is watching your every move.

When you “Like” anything on Facebook, in essence, you are creating your own buyer profile for marketers to target you. “Like” your favorite restaurant or department store page. You will see similar ads show up in your newsfeed for products related to those pages. Do you ever notice when you visit Nordstrom’s website, eyeing a pair of shoes, they magically show up in your newsfeed? It’s powerful stuff! Now, think how you might be able to leverage these tools to reach potential donors and start creating a brand.

Everyone is a spokesmen when using social media, and it has changed how we make purchases.

If you’re looking to buy a car seat for your child, you probably pay little attention to television, newspaper, and magazine advertising. However, if you’re a social media user, you are far more likely to trust a company and make a purchase if your friend “Likes” the product.

Facebook has become very strategic in how new company pages are introduced to you in your newsfeed. Instead of showing an ad for the company, at the very top, next to the companies name, it will show you which of your friends also like the company. That’s the new word-of-mouth marketing at its finest. And whether you are willing to admit it or not, it influences your thinking.

So why should non-profits use social media? Well, besides the obvious reason that it’s absolutely necessary to be relevant in today’s society, it’s more about building a trusted brand and engaging with future donors which will create a long term culture of giving.

At Scott Robertson Auctioneers we have experienced first-hand the power of Social Media assisting Not For Profits organizations create recording setting fundraising auctions. If you are someone you know can benefit from using Scott Robertson Auctioneers at their auction, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at

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  1. Scott Robertson Says:

    Everyone, I wish to provide credit where credit is due for this blog post. Sara Rose Bytnar CAI and an associate of Scott Robertson Auctioneers is the author of this article! She is an incredible fundraising auctioneer along with being a social media genius! Sara totally gets social media and she and her mother Beth won Best Use Of Social Media award at the 2015 NAA Conference and Show. Go Sara!

    Posted on August 23rd, 2015 at 10:01 am

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