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Say No to Status Quo

Posted by Scott On August 7th

Today we’re gonna talk about “saying NO to status quo.”

You know, fundraising events need to be fun and they need to be fresh. And they need to be tweaked every year to make them fun and fresh and exciting for your guests to attend. You know 93% of people who attended fundraising events surveyed replied that the reason they attend is because of fun. And fun generally translates into “fun and fresh” which means saying no to status quo.

You know, fundraising events trend. And fundraising ideas trend. Where do you get these new ideas?

Well, for one, you can use me as a resource. I do over 60 fundraising auctions a year, I’m a total student of the game on a national, regional, and local level. So trust me to know what you should probably do to make it work for your event. So, say no to status quo. You’ll be glad you did.

Call (239) 246-2139 for a consultation. I’ll be happy to lend my expertise to keep your next fundraiser fun and fresh.


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