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Thank You. It’s in the Cards!

Posted by Scott On July 11th

Thank You.  It’s in the Cards!  I appreciate technology as much as the next guy.  Computers are fantastic and email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with family, friends and business associates.  But an acquaintance of mine once said, “Technology is great, but a cold tool in comparison to conversation or a hand-written note.” I couldn’t agree more.

Months ago I wrote a blog about saying Thank You to the guests as they departed an event.  I also mentioned that a Thank You phone call to the key players was also vital in maintaining a positive relationship with those that impacted your bottom line. Prime donors want to know their generosity was appreciated.

And that brings us to Thank You Cards.

Saying thank you at the conclusion of an event and by a phone call days after the event is only the first step you should take.  Also follow up with personal thank you cards to those prime donors and be sure to include your logo on the card stock.

The hand-written portion need not be long – just heartfelt. Including a photograph of the donor at the event is a great touch.  So, during the event point out the likely “suspects” to your cameraman to assure you have a photo of the donor at the fundraiser.  The cocktail hour or silent auction are perfect times to snap the shot since it’s simple and less intrusive than during the actual bidding in the live auction.

Timing is everything.  Be sure to send the cards out quickly, preferably before the donor attends another event.  This can be done by dividing up the duties of the cards to key staff in your organization.  Remember, many hands make light work.

Finally, be sure to write, “We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.” And include the date of that event on the card.

It’s like double marketing.  You are sending a Thank You Card and a preliminary Invitation at the same time.

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