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Thursday Night Fundraisers

Posted by Scott On June 20th

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of holding a fundraising event on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s time to head closer to the weekend and reveal the pros of conducting a charity benefit on a Thursday.

A business associate of mine has been in the public relations industry in Southwest Florida for more than 20 years and has coordinated approximately 100 events for the real estate community.  The majority of those events were Grand Openings celebrating the completion of new furnished models.

With very few exceptions, the open house events were scheduled on Thursdays. Why?  The people attending the event prefer to have their weekends free.  The open houses also started at 4 and always concluded by 7 – give or take a few minutes depending on the size of the crowd. Why the early start?  In this case the real estate agents had an excuse to leave the office early and could stop at the event as they made their way home. It’s a matter of convenience.

Much of the same can be said for conducting a fundraising event on a Thursday night.  Perhaps most important – it avoids any conflicts with weekend events, especially if it’s football season.  It’s hard to compete with college football and the NFL.

Thursday is just one day away from Friday, and most people are in great moods as the weekend approaches.  That festive spirit often translates into a fun event – and fun events historically bring in more dollars for the charity.

Unlike the example I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I don’t recommend starting a Thursday event at 4 p.m.  Plan to start at 6 and conclude by 10. This gives guests the option to go directly to the event following work or go home first to change and still arrive on time.

And don’t be surprised if more individuals show up.  Weekend events usually attract couples.  Thursday events tend to attract more singles and one spouse. But, don’t worry.  This trend has little effect on the bottom line.

So, Thursdays are a great day for a fundraiser. Just keep the event fun.  Think of it as a warm up to the weekend.  And you’ll be beating other fundraising events to the punch.

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