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Video Marketing A Growing Trend

Posted by Scott On February 6th

video marketing a growing trend-scott robertson auctioneers

I had lunch a few weeks back with a friend who produces and hosts business and real estate videos for the Internet. He mentioned that such videos are a growing trend due to the fact the majority of “Web Surfers” prefer to be entertained and informed in a short video presentation format rather than having to read paragraph upon paragraph of copy. What he said made perfect sense.

This new video trend is also beginning to gain momentum in the world of fundraising.  If you are not promoting your event with the use of video let me help you get started.

Nearly every cell phone these days not only takes photos, but also video. Although this could do in a pinch, I’d recommend using a regular digital camcorder due to the fact the quality is much better.

Once your video is recorded it will have to be imported from the camera to a computer, edited, and then uploaded to YouTube or other video-sharing sites. This may sound complicated – but trust me – someone on your staff will be happy to take on this task.



So, what should be explained or shown in a video format?  Well, just about anything.  But, here’s a good place to start.

1)    Use video to better explain the mission of the charity

2)   Use video to promote the items in the auction

3)   Use video to help sell tickets

4)   Use video to show how the previous year’s event helped  change lives and made the community better

5)   Shoot video during your current event (when appropriate) of people having fun as promotion for next year’s event

Now, here’s perhaps the most important advice I can give regarding these videos – KEEP THEM SHORT!

People’s attention spans are short – so keep every video you produce short.  Some videos should run as short as 30 seconds while the longest they should run is 2 minutes – and that’s pushing it.

In the months to come you will be seeing more and more fundraising events promoted with the use of videos on the Internet.  So grab those digital camcorders and start shooting. Who knows – you might be the next Alfred Hitchcock or Steven Spielberg.

In our next blog we’ll discuss how to link your videos to your website and to YouTube.



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